Proagrica Future Farming Theatre

Situated on the main exhibition floor and free to attend for all attendees to GFIA Europe, the Proagrica Future Farming Theatre will present a 'how to' guide for the implementation of smart farming across pig, dairy, poultry, arable and horticulture farming.

Programme overview:

10.30 - 12:00

Seminar 1: Future Farming Horticulture
Hosted by Jan Vullings,
Editor in chief Boerderij&Groenten&Fruit

10.30 - 12.00

Seminar 3: Future Farming Poultry
Hosted by Fabian Brockotter,
Editor in chief Poultry World

13.00 - 14.30

Seminar 2: Future Farming Pigs
Hosted by Vincent ter Beek,
Editor in chief Pig Progress

12.30 - 14.30

Seminar 4: Future Farming Crops
Hosted by Geert Hekkert,
Editor in chief Boerderij

    15.00 - 16.30

Seminar 5: Future Farming Dairy
Hosted by Emmy Koeleman,
Editor in chief Dairy Global

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Seminar 1: 10:30 - 12:00 Future Farming Horticulture

The world will consist of 8 billion people in over 10 years’ time. The population will continue to grow, according to the UN forecast to 9 billion in 2050 and 70% of which will live in cities. It will take a huge amount of effort to feed all these people, at locations near these urban areas in a sustainable way. Water, energy and raw materials are scarce resources and the use of modern technology is indispensable. The development of sensors in horticulture is in full swing. Sensors provide data to further optimise cultivation. Robots will increasingly perform cultivation and harvesting operations. These developments at the same time also provide a unique opportunity for tracking and tracing.

  • The future of farming; emancipation of the plant
    Dr. Marc Kreuger, Global head of Innovation at Here, There and Everywhere
  • How we grow food in the nearby future
    Mike Vermeij, CEO, Co-Owner at Bom Group Greenhouse Projects
  • Gene activity measurements for agriculture; the future has already started
    Peter Balk, Chief Technology Officer at NSure BV
  • Hosted by Jan Vullings, Editor in chief Boerderij & Groenten&Fruit 

Seminar 2: 13:00 - 14:30 Future Farming Pigs

As swine farms grow larger and more professional, both challenges and opportunities emerge. On one hand it requires sophisticated methods to understand and keep overseeing what is going on in all hog barns; on the other, it is vital to gather and analyse data to ensure continuation of more efficacious production. Using state-of-the-art sensors, computers and analytics it is possible to know exactly what is happening where, to learn which pigs grow faster and how to meticulously be able to alter feed levels. Join us in a fascinating journey through the world of precision pig farming – and learn which kind of data is available when you search for it.

  • Early warning systems for disease detection in pigs
    Jürgen Vangeyte, Scientific Director Agricultural Engineering at ILVO
  • How to secure the crush margin by hedging the feedcost
    Bart Teuwen, Advisor at DLV MAS
  • Hosted by Vincent ter Beek, Editor in chief Pig Progress

Seminar 3: 10:30 - 12:00 Future Farming Poultry

Poultry World will host a seminar at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) on the 10th of May in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The main topic will be Precision Farming. The seminars speakers will focus on precision feeding, animal management and the use big data in optimizing farm output. With the tremendous challenge of feeding and increasingly hungry world we have to cease agricultures potential. We have to unleash as much innovation as possible to improve agriculture development. Game changing methods of producing animal protein, the relatively accessible egg and poultry meat in particular, have to be embraced to cater for more than 9 billion people by 2050, without putting more pressure on the planets environment.

  • Data-driven decisions over the intuition approach
    Sergio Guerra, Manager of Technical Systems at Aviagen
  • Illuminating The Rhythm of LifeTM, with Xiant PAWsTM technology
    Daren Suntych, CEO and founder at Xiant Technologies, Inc.
  • Solar powered poultry house ventilation
    Jens Dybdahl, Managing Direcor at DACS A/S
  • Hosted by Fabian Bröckotter, Editor in chief Poultry World


Seminar 4: 12:30 - 14:30 Future Farming Crops

To feed the growing world population we have to produce more with less. Smart farming is key in achieving this goal. In the arable crop sector, many smart technologies have already been introduced. Think of precision farming, us of better seeds, better harvesting techniques and the use of weather and soil data to produce more from the same plot of land. What can the arable sector do more? And how can it profit from the ongoing “digital revolution” and translate this to crop production? In this smart farming for arable we will delve in some of the current development and how this can change and improve the amount of crops we can take from the land available.

  • Big Data and Smart Farming
    Sjaak Wolfert, Sr. Scientist Information Management & ICT in Agri-Food at Wageningen Univer­sity & Research
  • WathitGrow® for the future of the Belgian Potato Chain
    Romain Cools & Isabelle Piccard, Business Development Remote Sensing at VITO
  • Digital farming - adding value to your crop data
    Altjo Medema, Sales Manager Dacom
  • How to use data to optimise agribusiness and food chains
    Jérémie Wainstain, CEO The Green Data
  • Hosted by Geert Hekkert, Editor in chief Boerderij 


Seminar 5: 15:00 - 16:30 Future Farming Dairy

Dairy cow farms are champions in producing high amounts of milk. Also robotic, such as automatic milking systems, feeding systems, more efficient forage production and the use of trackers for health and fertility have entered in most of the modern and large dairy farms. But what can technology bring more to step up health, forage management, welfare and production of dairy cattle? In this smart farming for dairy seminar we take a look different steps of the dairy cow farm, from seeding maize to automatic milking. We will discuss new tools and data that help dairy farmers farm even better and make more rational strategic decisions.

  • Taking young stock rearing to the next genartion
    Siert-Jan Boersema, veterinarian at Jongveecoach
  • Precision livestock farming for dairy: how sensors can help
    Vivi M. Thorup, Data analyst at IceRobotics
  • Use of sensors in dairy farms: is it economic?
    Henk Hogeveen, Professor Animal Health Management, Business Economic Group, Wageningen UR.
  • Hosted by Emmy Koeleman, Editor in chief Dairy Global 



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