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GFIA Europe is a unique chance to align your brand with the most accomplished and forward-thinking innovators, farmers, food companies, scientists and investors in the world today.

  • In front of 20+ government delegations, demonstrate your company’s commitment to global food security
  • With the presence of 100+ international media, use GFIA as a platform to make company announcements and launch new services
  • Establishing your brand in a region that has an urgent need to increase food security will provide lucrative, long-term business
  • Benefit from an international marketing campaign that will see adverts and invitations with your branding reach 3.2 million experts
  • Present your products, services and senior personnel to 5000 people and pre-book meetings through an online matchmaking system
  • Position your company as innovative and forward-thinking, with initiatives to support sustainable food production and growing prosperity in developing countries.

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News & Views

The first international week for smart food production will take place in 2018 to unite the food and agricultural industries to discuss technology transformation for sustainable growth.

July 26, 2017

The first International Week for Smart Food Production will take place from 18 – 22 June 2018, in the Netherlands, and…

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Smart Technology and digital solutions drive the agenda of the first european edition of the global forum for innovations in agriculture in the netherlands

May 24, 2017

The first European edition of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, GFIA Europe, welcomed an internationa

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Connecterra launches ‘intelligent’ cow-monitoring system

May 9, 2017

An ‘intelligent’ cow-monitoring system, “Ida”, launched today at GFIA Europe 2017, is the first to use artificial intelligence to provide dairy farmers with insights and recommendations for improving productivity, animal welfare and overall herd health.

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