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BoMill provides high volume, single kernel grain and seed sorting solutions using near-infrared (NIR) analysis in transmittance mode. The technology makes it possible to analyse and identify each kernel in a batch of grain/seed and sort them into three fractions. Each kernel is characterized by its structure and chemical composition allowing sorting for uniformity according to properties which do not manifest themselves visually at a capacity of 3 tonnes per hour per module. Grains types to be used are wheat, durum, barley, spelt and oat. The Company’s present technology platform can be used for e.g.; • Removal of fusarium infested (toxic) kernels • Sorting according to vitreousness (hardness) • Sorting according to protein into fractions of high and low protein kernels • Sorting according to Seed quality • Sorting according to Falling number to improve baking properties BoMill – Adds more value to your Grain

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Connecterra launches ‘intelligent’ cow-monitoring system

May 9, 2017

An ‘intelligent’ cow-monitoring system, “Ida”, launched today at GFIA Europe 2017, is the first to use artificial intelligence to provide dairy farmers with insights and recommendations for improving productivity, animal welfare and overall herd health.

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