Participants list – see who you could meet at GFIA Europe

As at 09 May 2017

Plus official delegations now being organised by: Netherlands-Africa Business Council • Hungarian Product Housing, Commercial, Service and Innovation Cluster • Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority • Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs’ •Sudanese Business Federation• Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Agriculture & Food Department in Dubai

2 Unik Ventures, Ghana
11D International B.V, Netherlands
365farmernet, Germany
AAMS Salvarini, Belgium
Aasa, Chile
Aaura Global, India
AB Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Abass Integrated Farm, Nigeria
Abbott Nutrition, USA
ABC, Netherlands
Abingdon Health, UK
Achmea, Netherlands
Ackermans & van Haaren NV, Belgium
ADC Bioscientific, UK
ADFCA, United Arab Emirates
ADFSC, United Arab Emirates
Adisseo, France
Adreamup, Spain
Advies in Fokkerij en Gezondheid, Netherlands
Aeres HBO Dronten, Netherlands
Aeres Hogeschool Dronten, Netherlands
Aeres University Dronten, Netherlands
AFDF, Oman
Aficdr, France
AG Leader Europe BV, Netherlends
AGC Chemicals Europe, Netherlands
Agona Foundation, Netherlands
Agri Investment Fund, Belgium
Agri Tech Ltd, UK
Agribot sp. Z.o.o, Poland
Agribusiness Systems and Technologies Ltd, USA
Agricare Nepal PVT Ltd, Nepal
Agricolus, Italy
Agricommunicatie, Netherlands
Agrics Ltd, Netherlands
Agricultural Research Center, Egypt
Agriculture Research Office/Erciyes University, Turkey
Agriculture Engineering Research Institute, Egypt
Agriculture Research Center, Egypt
Agriculture Research Institute, Pakistan
Agrifirm Group, Netherlands
Agrima, Mali
Agrimaco, Netherlands
Agrimeters BV, Netherlands
Agrinos, USA
Agrinova, Mali
Agritech Applications Exim, India
Agripers, Netherlands
Agripolis, Belgium
Agro Based Agric Uganda Limited, Uganda
Agro Innovation LAB GmbH, Germany
AgroMaster, Sudan
Agromavens Ltd, UK
Agrometius Bv, Netherlands
Agronomanias, Netherlands
Agropolis, Belgium
Agroprodinvest, Ukraine
Agrotechnology Report, Netherlands
Agrovision, Netherlands
Agrovoordeel BV, Netherlands
Agrrue, Algeria
Agxport Agribusiness Projects, Netherlands
Air55, Netherlands
Akzo Nobel, Belgium
Al-AZHR University, Egyp
Albkalustyan, Albania
Aleksa, Netherlands
Alfanar Group, Sudan
Alic, Belgium
Alliance For A Green Revolution in Africa-Agra, Tanzania
Aliment Capital, USA
Almarwa – Group, Egypt
Almond production Spain, Netherlands
Alrasheedpoultry Farm, Saudi Arabia
Alterna, Lebanon
Amber-PAN Company Limited, Ghana
Amea, Netherlands
AN Solutions, UAE
Animal Sciences Group of WUR, Netherlands
Annelieskwekkeboom.NL, Netherlands
Anova Trade, Vietnam
Anterra Capital – vertical soils barrel, Germany
Apeldoorn Bloembollen, Netherlands
Apau, Mauritius
Appsforagri, Mauritius
Aqua4D, Switzerland
Aqua Spark, Netherlands
Ariatrames, Iran
Ashleigh Environmental, Ireland
Asiab, Iran
Asian Crop BV, Netherlands
Aspire Food Group, USA
Associaition “RIbat Al Fath” Pour le DD, Morocco
Atsi-Thumbprint, Ghana
Avani Bvba, Belgium
Aveve, Belgium
Aviagen-EPI, Netherlands
Azotic Technologies Ltd, UK
Baaidijk, Netherlands
Baarlinger Dairy, Netherlands
Bahar AB, Iran
Bandhan Foundation Wordlwide, Netherlands
Bart Slager MVA, Netherlands
Basf SE, Germany
Bayanat Airports, UAE
Bayer, Germany
Bayer AG, Germany
Bayer AG – Crop Science Division, Germany
Bayer BV, Netherlands
Bayer Crop Science, Netherlands
Bayer Cropscience NV, Belgium
BB DAN Habu and Co Nigeria Ltd,
Beckfrey Agro Allied Services NIG Ltd, Nigeria
Beeldvoerders, Netherlands
Bemstudio, Netherlands
Bibhab Builders, India
Bieau, Belgium
Bioactive Solutions Limited, Netherlands
BioLumen Lighting Solutions Ltd, UK
Biopol Natural, Netherlands
Bioseutica BV, Netherlands
Blue Diamond EXP-Import, Netherlands
Blue DOG BV, Netherlands
BlueLab, New Zealand
Bock-Liguey International, Senegal
Boerderij, Netherlands
Boerentuin.NL, Netherlands
BOM Capital, Netherlands
Bom Group, Netherlands
Bomill AB, Sweden
Bonds Enterprise, Cameroon
Borlaug Institute, USA
Brabers, Netherlands
Bridge2food, Netherlands
Bright Agro Innovation, Netherlands
Bright Software BV, Netherlands
Brite Solar, USA
British Embarry, Netherlands
Bukenya Foundation, Uganda
Bunder Advies En Projecten, Netherlands
Bureau Enthoven Communicatie, Netherlands
Buzzar BV, Netherlands
BVB Substrates, Netherlands
C. van Beusekom BV, Netherlands
Cargill, Netherlands
Caribbean Grains Ltd, St.. Lucia Islands
Central Lab. Of Organic Agriculture, Egypt
CEMA – European Agricultural Machinery, Belgium
Certis Europe BV, Netherlands
Charles University, Czech Republic
Chaz Tours and Travel, Kenya
Cheers Interactive, India
Chimagro Sarl, Congo Brazzaville
Cisco, Israel
Cithadd, Haiti
Clean Air Nurseries, South Africa
Cleaon Your Import-Export Associate, Netherlands
Coca-Cola Company
Codema Systems Group, Netherlands
Cofabel, Belgium
Cognex, Germany
Commonland Netherlands
Communication Services, Netherlands
Community Youth Development Network Program, South Africa
Concorde Group, Netherlands
Connectera, Holland
Control Shift, Germany
Crop Performance Ltd, UK
Croyrichardson, Netherlands
CRV Holding BV, Netherlands
CTA, Netherlands
DACS, Denmark
Dashok Ventutes, Nigeria
Dawit Irrigated Coffee Development, Ethiopia
Daysam Inegrated Farms Nigeria Limited, Nigeria
DBH Group, Hungary
DC Advise & Support, Netherlands
DCM NV, Belgium
de Heus Animal Nutrition BV, Netherlands
de Heus Voeders, Netherlands
de Kudde van Terschelling, Netherlands
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Delta-T Devices, UK
Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust, Canada
Department of Horticulture Technology, Nigeria
Department of International Trade, UK
Delphy, Netherlands
DEQ LAW, Brazil
Desarrollos Agro Forestales, Spain
Deshal Agro Farms, India
Design by Stijn, Netherlands
Detasi, Sudan
Dibcoop, Netherlands
Diligent Farmers Association, UAE
Dimo Services SPRL, Belgium
DIN & Co, Saudi Arabia
Disaster Reduction Nepal, Nepal
DLG Benelux, Netherlands
Door&Door, Netherlands
Dorset Identification BV, Netherlands
Dreamlake, Netherlands
Dudutech, Kenya
DunavNET, Serbia
Duravision, Netherlands
Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture, Netherlands
Dutch Plantin Coir India Pvt Ltd, India
Dutch Poultry Centre, Netherlands
Dutch Poultry Management Support, Netherlands
Dutch Sense, Netherlands
Dutch Top Sector Agri&Food, Netherlands
Dutchmandc, Netherlands
Dynalynx BV, Netherlands
E-Farm, Germany
EA Biologics Ltd, India
Eagan, Netherlands
Eagrotech PVT ltd, India
Easyfairs, Netherlands
Eat My Flowers, UK
Ebeam Technologies, Switzerland
Excofos, Chile
ecoRobotix, Switzerland
Ecovibes Trading, Pakistan
Efalp, UAE
Effost, Netherlands
Egerton University, Kenya
Egypt, Egypt
Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority Nuclear Research, Egypt
Ekotrend Slovakia, Slovakia
Ekoz Pluimvee VOF, Netherlands
El Neilen, Sudan
Eleaf, Holland
Elmaha Integrated Co. Ltd, Sudan
Elsevier Analytical Services
Eltacnet, Spain
Embassy of Argentia to the EU, Belgium
Embassy of Japan, Netherlands
Embassy of Nigeria, Netherlands
Embassy of The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia
Embassy of the Russian Federation, Netherlands
EMG Holding BV, Netherlands
Emirates Gardens Est, UAE
Emirates INternational Group, UAE
Enclude, Netherlands
Engage Agro Europe Ltd, UK
Enrichment International, Uganda
Enterprise Europe Network, Netherlands
Entrepreneur, France
Entrepreneur, Netherlands
Envihorizont LLC & Envirosan DC, Hungary
Enza Zaden, Netherlands
Enza Zaden BV, Netherlands
Erimu, Uganda
Erciyes University, Turkey
ESA-IPVC, Portugal
Estede, Netherlands
Establecimientos Hefe S.L, Spain
Estonian Crop Research Group, Estonia
EU-Funded Dairychain Project, Nigeria
Eurl Azmour Import Export, Algeria
Euroafric Impex BV, Netherlands
Eurofins Agro Testing Wageningen BV, Netherlands
European Commission, Belgium
European Federation of Food Science and Technology, Netherlands
Eurovee, Netherlands
Evergreen Farm Oy, Finland
Evja SRL, Italy
Evolve Growing Solutions, UK
EW Group GmbH, Germany
EWT Directwind, Netherlands
Excel Farm Care ltd, Ghana
Explorentis Bxba, Belgium
Express Weather, India
Faculty of Agriculture, China
Faculty of Agriculture, Omer Halisdemir University, Turkey
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Egypt
FAI Farms Ltd, UK
Fairtrade Food Mocambique, Mozambique
FAO, Hungary
Farm2earn, Uganda
Farm Control, Portugal
Farm Frites, Netherlands
Farm’s Pride (PVT) Ltd, Sri Lanka
Farmargic Nigeria Limited, Nigeria
Farmer, Uganda
Farmers Weekly Group, UK
Farmertronics Engineering BV, Netherlands
FAT ODD Import and Export BV, Netherlands
FDG Systems, Netherlands
Fedecom, Netherlands
Federal College of Agriculture Akure Ondo State, Nigeria
Federation Nationale DES Eleveurs Centrafricains, Central African Republic
Feed Innovaion Services, Netherlands
Femvest Ventures, Nigeria
FH Aachen Freshman Institute, Germany
Fieldeye, Austria
First Corporate Options Limited, Ghana
Florensis, Netherlands
FME, Netherlands
Food Techno. Res. Insti.-Agric. Research Center, Egypt
Food Technology Research Institute, Egypt
Food, VET & Science, Netherlands
Forfarmers, Netherlands
Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany
Foshan Rayon Non Woven, China
FTF, Belgium
FRCN’s Radio ONE 103.5FM, Nigeria
Freelance, UK
Frymeco, Netherlands
Futura Food LLC, USA
Future Crop Cooperatief, Netherlands
Future Crops, Israel
G5 Skyward Growth, Rwanda
GS van Sterkenburg, Netherlands
Gaec le Fleche-Scheepers, France
Gebr. Christ OHG, Germany
Gembloux Agro-BIO Tech, Belgium
Gemeente Heerenveen, Netherlands
Gemeente Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Gemeente Westland, Netherlands
Genective, France
Geocledian GmbH, Germany
Geodan, Netherlands
German Embassy The Hague, Netherlands
GHBD Holland, Netherlands
GIC Assom, Cameroon
Giad Group, Sudan
Gidcom Project Farm, Ghana
Global Aquaponics Farm, Norway
GlobalG.A.P., Germany
Goethals Consultancy, Netherlands
Golden Group, France
Goldswans, UK
Greena, Netherlands
Greenbridge International, Netherlands
GreenGrow Ventures Inc, Finland
Greenlinqdata, Netherlands
Greenlinqdata / VAA ICT Consultancy, Netherlands
Greenport Venlo, Netherlands
Greenyard, Netherlands
Greenyard Prepared NV, Belgium
Green Career Consult, Netherlands
Green Studios, USA
Green Village Livestock Farm, Nepal
Grimme landmaschinenfabrik, Germany
Grodan, Netherlands
Groenten Mandeville, Belgium
Grooa, Netherlands
Grounded, Netherlands
Growgroup IFS BV, Netherlands
Grow to Green, Portugal
Grupo Algamar, USA
H2 Hydroponics, Spain
H.O.A Enterprises
HAK&Partners BV, Netherlands
Hark Orchideen, Germany
Harvesting, USA
Harry Agriculture Farming Organization, India
HAS Hogeschool, Netherlands
HAS University of Applied Science, Netherlands
Hayleys Agriculture Holdings, Sri Lanka
Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd, Sri Lanka
Hazera, Israel
Heemskerk Consult, Netherlands
Hefe Fertilizer, Spain
Heliospectra, Sweden
Hendrix-Genetics, Netherlands
Henke Saas Wolf, Germany
Here, There & Everywhere, Netherlands
HHS den Haag, Netherlands
Hmclause, France
Hochschule Osnabrueck, Germany
Hoopman Group, Netherlands
Hortilus, Netherlands
Hortilux Schreder, Netherlands
Houdstermij van der HAM BV, Netherlands
Howitec Netting, BV, Netherlands
HR Nepal Pvt Ltd, Nepal
Hr Osnabruck, Germany
Huazhong Agricultural University & Benha University, China
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Hydroclimaponics, Netherlands
Hudrogarden V-Farm, UK
Hydroponics Africa Ltd, Kenya
I C Faircloth, UK
Iamma, India
IBC Group, Sudan
Ibma, Belgium
Ibma / Basf, Belgium
Ibma / Biobest, Belgium
Ibma / CBC, Belgium
Ibma / Koppert, Belgium
Ibrahim Khudabakhsh & Sons LLC, Oman
Icell BIO-Tech. Netherlands
Icerobotics Ltd, UK
Icrisat, Mali
Idea Business incubator, Palestine
IEN Consultants, Malaysia
IFDC, Netherlands
IFOAM Organics International
Ignitia, Ghana
Ilvo, Belgium
Imants, Netherlands
Impactreporters, Netherlands
Imove, Mauritius
In2export BV, Netherlands
Inagro VZW, Belgium
INAPRO, Germany
Incotec Europe BV, Netherlands
Independent, UK
India Water Initiative, Netherlands
Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India
Infarm, Germany
Inficold Inc, USA
Infinite Harvest, Belgium
Infoplaza, Netherlands
ING, Netherlands
Innonet, Netherlands
Innova Connect, Netherlands
Institute of Ecology and Environmental Studies, Nigeria
Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan
International Biocontrol Manufacturer’s Association, Belgium
International Fund for Agricultural Development, Italy
International Pheremone Systems Ltd, UK
Integrated Business Co. (IBC), Sudan
Interliagro, Bulgaria
International Tanfeeds Ltd, Tanzania
Intrade Co, UK
Invest in Holland, Netherlands
Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands, Netherlands
Iotnik, UK
ISO Group
Jacaranda Trading BV, Netherlands
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, India
Johan Schotte Foundation, Switzerland
JBorlaug Institute External Relations, USA
Josan Farm, Inda
Just AS Plant, Netherlands
Justdiggit, Netherlands
Juurlink Advies & Administratie, Netherlands
K. Nkatiah Farms, Kumasi, Ghana
Kamalia Feeds & Kamalia Chicks, Pakistan
Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda
Kamphuis Akkerbouw, Netherlands
Kbagro, Netherlands
Kcca, Uganda
KE Growair BV, Netherlands
Kenes, Netherlands
Kenjolt Investment, Nigeria
Kernfarm, Netherlands
KET Insigh Solutions, Netherlands
Kincannon & Reed, Netherlands
Konst Research BV, Netherlands
Koppert Biological Systems, Netherlands
Kotra, Netherlands
KPMG in Russia and CIS, Russian Federation
KPN, Netherlands
Kubota, Netehrlands
Kukua BV, Netherlands
Kumila, Mozambique
Kumkaya, Turkey
Kverneland Group, Netherlands
Kwoot, Netherlands
KWS Saat SE, Germany
L van den Hurk, Netherlands
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria
Lamb Weston, Netherlands
Lambweston/Meijer, Netherlands
Landbouw en Visserij, Belgium
Lansaman Finger Foods, Nigeria
Leibnitz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology & Inland Fisheries, Germany
Lely, Netherlands
Lemken GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Lena Glorious Ltd, UK
Liaqat Corp (PVT) Ltd, Pakistan
Lifeline Land and Water, Cameroon
Light4food, Netherlands
Lima, Peru
Lindsay Corporation, Netherlands
Liquid Strip, New Zealand
Liquid Systems, Australia
Litjens Melkvee, Netherlands
LMI Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Loewe Biochemica GmbH, Germany
Lohman & Co. Ag, Germany
Logiqs, Netherlands
Longlife Multidimentional Concept, Nigeria
LTO Nederland, Netherlands
Lucta SA, Spain MagGrow, Ireland
Lutgo Global, Netherlands
M.Polo Import and Export Ltda, Brazil
Maggrow, Ireland
Magnitude Space, Netherlands
Mahgoubsons Group, Sudan
Malako Capital Limited, Uganda
Malva, Belgium
Manasseh Rhema Ltd, Ghana
Marvel, Netherlands
Massai Investment, Sudan
Massey Ferguson
Massimo, Netherlands
Matrix/UM Enterprises, Pakistan
Maturedevelopment BV, Netherlands
Mavitec Green Energy, Netherlands
Maxiline SPRL, Belgium
Mbccworld, India
MC, India
MC Cain Foods Europe, France
Media Today PVT ltd, India
Mertens, Netherlans
Messiah Touch Enterprise, Ghana
Metropolitan Food Security (Foundation), Netherlands
Microbiology Dept. Soil, Water and Environmental, Egypt
Ministry of Agriculture, Albania
Ministry of Agriculture Kenya, Kenya
Mnistry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries, Trinidad and Tobago
Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources, Nigeria
Ministry of Agriculture, Sudan
Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resoucrce, Nigeria
Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Abrgibusiness International, Netherlands
Ministry of Environment – DR Congo, Congo Democratic Republic
Ministry of Food and Agriculture – Ghana, Ghana
Ministry of Livestock, Forestry & Range, Somalia
Ministry of Lcal Government, Tanzania
Ministry of Science & Technology, Iraq
Minnema State, Netherlands
Mnyantuzu Veterinary Centre, Tanzania
MJ Tech Fog Systems, Netherlands
Moldova Agri SRl, Netherlands
Moonsyst Industrial Technologies, Hungary
Morocco, Netherlands
MPS, Netherlands
Munich RE, Germany
Municipality of Westland, Netherlands
MSD Animal Health, Netherlands
Mts van de Meulengraaf, Netherlands
MVH Darwinkelboelens, Netherlands
N, Netherlands, UAE
N.V NOM, Netherlands
NA, Belgium
Naandanjain, France
Naftc Africa / Middle East (Association), Netherlands
Namuna Agriculture Group Pvt. Ltd, Nepal
Nanda Group, India
Nano80, Austria
Nardi SPA, Italy
Naro, Uganda
National Center For Agriculture Research and Extes, Jordan
National Institute of Research in Rural Engineering, Tunisia
National Research Center, Egypt
Nedap, Netherlands
NEF Biomass Ltd, UK
Nepal Fruit Wholesaler Association, Nepal,
Nepal Peasants’ Association, Nepal
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Netherlands
Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Netherlands
Netherlands Institute of Ecologo Nioo-knaw, Netherlands
Netherlands-Russia Centre, Netherlands
Netherlands Water Patnership, Netherlands
NETLED, Finland
Network for Promotion of Agriculture and Environment, Ghana
New Ideas, Netherlands
Nextfood, Denmark
NH Trading, Netherlands
Nigerian Women Agro Allied Farmers Association, Nigeria
Nioo.WUR, Netherlands
Nioo-Knaw, Netherlands
NMGK, Russia
Nofence AS, Norway
Noldus Information Technology BV, Netherlands
Novioponics BV, Netherlands
Noviotech, Netherlands
Nuscience, Netherlands
Nutreco, Netherlands
Nwabiagya Rural Bank Ltd, Ghana
O2D, Netherlands
Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
Ocean Harvest Tech, Ireland
Okoned BV, Netherlands
Okuolu International Ltd, Nigeria
Olarok NIG Ltd, Nigeria
Oliofiglia, Italy
Olymp Projects, TUnisia
Omani National Lovestock Development Co, Oman
Omashi Global Farms, Nigeria
Oniris, France
Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Noord-Holland Noord, Netherlands
Opadex Global Resources Limited, Nigeria
Organic Consumers Association, USA
Organisation Nationale DES Femmes Rurales “Fleurs, Central African Republic
Osborne Industires INC, USA
Osun State College of Education, ILA, Nigera
Outreach Holland, Netherlands
Owusu Consulting PVT, UK
Ozone Partner KFT, Hungary
Palmer Hargreaves, Germany
Parnaco, Iran
PBA D.O.O., Slovenia
Pere Pujol, Spain
Penrose Data, Netherlands
Pharma S Pharmaceuticals, Egypt
Philips Horticulture LED Solutions, Netherlands
Philips Lighting, Netherlands
Phytoponics Ltd, UK
PIB Foodtechlink Ukraine, Ukraine
PIG Perfect Farm Ltd, Ghana
PigChamp Pro Europa
PIX4D SA, Switzerland
Planet, Germany
Planet International FZE, UAE
Plantum, Hungary
Plantlab, Netherlands
Pocono Farms, Nigeria
Polariks BV, Netherlands
Precision Landcare, UK
Private ENtrepreneur, Ukraine
PRO Farm OU, Estonia
Proagrica, Netherlands
Prognostix, UK
Projecten LTO Noord, Netherlands
Proti-Farm Holding N.V., Netherlands
Prusik Juridisch & Strategisch Advies, Netherlands
Pt. Tanibox Agritech Indonesia, Indonesia
Pulte GmbH&Co KG, Germany
PUM Consultancy, Netherlance
Punto Verde, Belgium
Puutarha&Kauppa, Finland
PWC, Netherlands
QUA tes NES BV, Netherlands
R van Wesemael, Netherlands
Rabobank, Netherlands
Rabobank Assen & Noord-Drenthe, Netherlands
Radboud Into Languages, Netherlands
Raiffeisen EMS-Vechte, Netherlands
RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rajar Fruit Farms, Pakistan
RDA, Netherlands
Reach For Change Foundation, Ghana
Reed Business, Netherlands
Reldair, Netherlands
Remarkable Communicatie BV, Netherlands
Representation of Republic of Srpska, Belgium
Rerao, Senegal
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Reutersystems, Netherlands
Ridder-Hortimax, Netherlands
Right World Ventures, Nigeria
Rijal Yuwa Organice Agriculture Farm & Research, Nepal
Rijk Zwaan, Netherlands
Rise AB, Sweden
Roaringtop GmbH, Germany
Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
Rondeel, Netherlands
Royal Brinkman, Netherlands
Royal Cosun, Netherlands
Royal Wanesco Overseas, Canada
Rustom FZE, UAE
RVO / Enterprise Europe Network, Netherlands
S.E.M.I & TP Sarl, France
Saadat for Import, Sudan
Sabic, Saudi Arabia
Sadra, Iran
Saemen Stark, Netherlands
Salcom Digisoft BV, Netherlands
Saowanee, Netherlands
SAP Nederland, Netherlands
Sarl Diagnolab, Algeria
Sawa Associates for Water Management, Netherlands
SBEF, Sudan
Schaap Holland BV, Netherlands
Schopman, Netherlands
Schot Landbouw, Netherlands
Schuttelaar & Partners, Belgium
Scio+, Denmark
Scopeinsight, Netherlands
Seine Zandbergen, Germany
Sensoterra, Netherlands
Sensus, Netherlands
Sentech BV, Netherlans
SET(H) Information Systems. Poland
SFI Environment, Netherlands
SFPL Crop Life Science – Krishidhan Vegetable Seeds, India
Shake12, Netherlands
Shanthi Bio Products, India
Shanti Yuva Mandal, India
Shokaveld Association, Iran
Shubashree Agro Pvt Ltd, Neoal
Silostop, UK
SIM Holland, Netherlands
Simona AG, Germany
Singapore Economic Development Board, Germany
Singapore EDB, Germany
Siseth – Plantator System, Poland
Skiold AS, Denmark
Slow Food International, Ghana
smaXtec, Austria
Smiles Africa International, Nigeria
Snuitgeverij, Netherlands
Social Equity Fund, Netherlands
Soil, Water & Environment Research institute, Egypt
SoilCares, Netherlands
Soiltech, Netherlands
Solvay Ventures, Belgium
Solynta, Netherlands
Soma Studio, Belgium
Somali Rainfen Agriculture Development Institute, Somalia
Spiio, USA
Squarefield, Netherlands
Staay Food Group, Netherlands
Stal de Kimmijser, Netherlands
Starleads, Belgium
Star Cloud, China
Startlife, Netherlands
Startupbootcamp Foodtech, Netherlands
Startupfarmers, France
Steppetrade, Netherlands
Stet Holland BV, Netherlands
Stitching Tersuriname, Surinam
Stigas, Netherlands
Student, Pakistan
StudPac, Dubai
STN Corporation, pakistan
Studen, Finland
Success Come, Taiwan
Suntech Arka Sanat, Iran
SuGu Club, Netherlands
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI Platform), Belgium
Swine Innovation Centre – WUR, Netherlands
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, Switzerland
Synchron, Netherlands
Syngenta, Netherlands
Syngenta, Switzerland
Syngenta Seeds, Netherlands
T3G SPRL, Belgium
Taila Agri Company, Sudan
Taneco, Czech Republic
Teampro, Netherlands
Telenet Global, Kenya
TCP Solutions BV, Netherlands
TEC-IB, Netherlands
Techno Farm, Nigeria
Technoserve, Kenya
Technoserve Inc, Uganda
Teco S.R.L.
Terraintell, Netherlands
Terravesta, UK
Texas A&M University, USA
TGS Business and Development Initiatives, Netherlands
Thatchtec BV, Netherlands
Thebo Agriculture Farm, Pakistan
The Global Open Data Initiative (GODAN), Netherlands
The Next View, Netherlands
The Upper Room, Nigeria
Thought for Food
Time, Netherlands
TMC Physics, Netherlands
Tinn & Zaytoun INV Ltd, Nigeria
TNO, Netherlands
TOO Good to GO, UK
Tokorozawa City Council, Japan
Tradeconsult Internation GmbH, Germany
Tradin Organic BV, Netherlands
Trendines Agtech, Israel
Triferto, Netherlands
Twentyten, Netherlands
UBE Industries Limited, India
UBM, Turkey
Uganda Farmers Association, Uganda
Ukam-Group, Russian Federation
Unaghana, Ghana
Unagh-Netherlands. NGO, Netherlands
Unibio A/S, Denmark
Unic Tour, Netherlands
Union Chamber of Agril & Animal Production, Sudan
Union Chamber of Agri, Sudan
United Nations Asociation Ghana -NED, Netherlands
Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Mexico
University of Sadat City, Egypt
University of Applied Sciences Osnabruck, Germany
University of Belgrade, Serbia
University of Gottingen, Germany
University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
University of Nairobi, Kenya
University of Nottingham, UK
University of Osnabruck, Germany
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pakistan
Urbagri, France
Urban Crop Solutions, Belgium
Urban Ponics BV, Netherlands
Utrecht Convetion Bureau, Netherlands
Utrecht University, Netherlands
v/d Avoird Trayplant, Netherlands
VAA ICT Consultancy, Netherlands
Valtech_, Netherlands
Valto BV, Netherlands
Van den Borne Potatoes, Netherlands
Van Hall Larenstein, Netherlands
Van Hall Larenstein University, Netherlands
Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
van Iperen, Netherlands
Van Wesemael, Netherlands
Vandenbrink Onroerendgoed, Netherlands
Vandersat, Netherlancs
Vasudaika Software Pvt Ltd, India
VCK Travel, Netherlands
Veggitech, India
Vencomatic Group, Netherlands
Vestaron Corp., USA
Veterinary Practitioners Without Borders Uganda, Uganda
VHL Applied Science University, Netherlands
VHL University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Vicode, Uganda
Victam International BV, Netherlands
Vinculum, Germany
Vink Kunststoffen, Netherlands
Visual Island Global Enterprises, Nigeria
Vita Drone, Tunisia
VIV Worldwide, Netherlands
Vlaio – Enterprise Europe Network, Belgium
VLM, Belgium
Vocare Specialties. Netherlands
Vojvodina European Office Brussels, Belgium
von-Netherlands, Netherlands
Vossloh-Schwabe Lighting Solutions GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Vostermans Ventilation, Netherlands
VVH Business Translations, Netherlands
Wageningen into Languages, Netherlands
Wagneningen University, Netherlands
Wageningen UR, Netherlands
Wahed AL Qarn Trading, Oman
Wastenage Farmsm, UK
Waterwatch Cooperative, Netherlands
Waterwatch Solutions, Netherlands
Weather Impact BV, Netherlands
Weda Mestverweking BV, Netherlands
Weevers Markenessa VOF, Netherlands
WG Electronics BV, Netherlands
Wheatsheaf Group, UK
Willem Passenier, Netherlands
Willis Towers Watson, UK
Winfoods Limited, UK
Winsect OU, Estonia
Wl & J Bartharm, UK
WMMC India, India
Wolf & Partners, Netherlands
World Farmers’ Organisation, Italy
World Resources Institute, USA
Worldwide Horticulture Consultancy, Netherlands
Wuggl GmbH, Austria
WUR, Netherlands
Xiant Technologies, USA
Xinhua News Agency, Netherlands
Yara Benelux, Netherlands
Ypard DRC, Congo Democratic Republic
YR Sourcing Services, Netherlands
Zasso Group, Germany
Zaky EL Sayed, Egypt
Zaluvida, Belgium
ZET BV, Netherlands
Zetadec, Netherlands

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The first international week for smart food production will take place in 2018 to unite the food and agricultural industries to discuss technology transformation for sustainable growth.

July 26, 2017

The first International Week for Smart Food Production will take place from 18 – 22 June 2018, in the Netherlands, and…

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Smart Technology and digital solutions drive the agenda of the first european edition of the global forum for innovations in agriculture in the netherlands

May 24, 2017

The first European edition of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, GFIA Europe, welcomed an internationa

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Connecterra launches ‘intelligent’ cow-monitoring system

May 9, 2017

An ‘intelligent’ cow-monitoring system, “Ida”, launched today at GFIA Europe 2017, is the first to use artificial intelligence to provide dairy farmers with insights and recommendations for improving productivity, animal welfare and overall herd health.

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