Technical tours – 11 May

Technical Tours at GFIA Europe will take place on Thursday 11th May. This programme will give participants the opportunity to visit some of the very best sustainable farming operations and businesses plus R&D facilities and engage with industry experts. Transport will be provided to and from for each tour from Jaabeurs Expo Centre.

Online registration is now closed.

To register please go to the Technical Tours desk in the registration area at the event by Hall 1 at Jaarbeurs.

Important: If you have already registered online, please re-confirm your attendance at the Technical Tour desk located at the registration area tomorrow. If you have not confirmed your place by the end day one then we will cancel your booking and offer your place to onsite visitors on day two.

08.00 – 12.00: Bayer ForwardFarm Het Groene Hart of Jasper Roubos

Located near to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The ForwardFarm has adopted farming practices and implements digital technologies to increase productivity and to foster sustainable agricultural practices – a fantastic opportunity to see sustainable and digital farming in action. Using the potato crop as a reference, the crop management support with digital technologies will be illustrated and discussed around three main themes, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Soil scanning techniques to direct on-site specific fertilizer application
  • Crop scanning techniques to enable weed, disease control and yield forecast
  • Variable rate planting and on the planter in field harvest analysis

Hands-on experience for the visitors will be gained with the on farm presence of digital technologies as well as farm machinery. A short introduction of the Bayer ForwardFarming concept will be followed by a Digital Farming tour.

08.00 – 11.30 Restaurant of the Future at Wageningen University & Research

What drives people who eat? Or, more specifically, what drives a consumer and the consumer of the future, and how should the food industry anticipate that? At the Restaurant of the Future, we search for answers to these questions.

13.00 – 17.30 Rotterdam Innovation District, SuGu Warehouse and Markthal

A visit to Rotterdam, the largest port of Europe and a huge innovative industrial hub. The fieldtrip will visit the SuGu (StartUp’s & GrownUp’s) warehouse a former power-plant that is transformed into an ecosystem for future focussed companies. The SuGu Club is in the port near the city. This area is becoming the Rotterdam Innovation District and a magnet for innovative technology. The companies visited are MetroMining (bio-digesters and bioplastics), CEAD (machines which don’t exist), Rainmaker (making water from air) and 3D Robot printing (the largest 3D printer in Europe). The second part of the field trip will be a visit to “De Markthal” Rotterdam which is a consumer agriculture and innovation paradise on its own, absolutely worth a visit.

12.00 – 18.30 Dairy Campus

The Dutch dairy chain, fuelled by more than 18,000 dairy farmers, is currently facing a huge challenge: it must realise sustainable development, while simultaneously enhancing and expanding its position in an increasingly global market. If this challenge is to be met, it is essential that all parties in the milk and dairy chains join forces and cooperate. Dairy Campus is a unique innovation complex for the dairy sector with over 550 dairy cows, meeting and training rooms, and 6 different cow houses for all types of research, innovation and education including animal feeding, animal behaviour and welfare, manure treatment, smart dairy farming and grazing.

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